Swift developer. Make the world a happier place.


Instructor - Inflearn, Goorm

  • Have experience teaching SwiftUI programming courses
  • Over 900 students have registered in total

Personal Brand - ST, YT, FB, IG

  • Operating personal brand and its channels related to programming
  • Over 3 million accumulative visitors & 25,000 followers in total


KMLA - 2014~2016

  • First experienced programming through school classes below
  • Java programming & AP Computer Science


iOS - Mobile app development

  • Swift, SwiftUI, UIKit, Network
  • Xcode, CocoaPods, Shell, Git, Github, Sourcetree

Others - Web, Design, and More

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, AWS, Wordpress
  • Final Cut Pro X, Sketch, Photoshop, MS Office


Lbum - My best project ever

  • Private photo album and converter, iOS app
  • Ranked #304 in App Store utilities & Developed privately on Github

Munzi - My very first project

  • Real-time air quality provider, iOS app
  • Ranked #11 in App Store weather & Developed privately on Github